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Have you ever stood up for what was right, been attacked for it, then blessed because of your obedience? King Hezekiah’s heroic battle with evil continues in 2 Chronicles 32...


“After these deeds of faithfulness...” or after Hezekiah cleaned house in Jerusalem in obedience to God, Sennacherib of Assyria boasted against God and his army came to attack Jerusalem.


Download his strategy for your life and ministry:


1. He chose to seek wise counsel. Pray for God’s guidance, then seek out at least three wise advisors who understand God’s calling on your life, who love and follow Him, and live with integrity. Too much advice from too many advisors may just bring confusion. Ask God to confirm His direction through your small circle of advisors and close family members. Ask Him to open the doors, confirm and know His purpose and plan for you, then concentrate on those things. Don’t let the enemy deter or derail you.


3. King Hezekiah strengthened himself. God must be the source of our identity and strength – know your true Strength. Pursue and press in to Him for your passion.


4. He led a team to cut off their water supply. Don’t water your trolls, online or off. Form a support team, then lead them by obedience to Him.


5. He built and rebuilt safety structures. Ensure protective boundaries, then add even more protection around yourself, your family, and your team. Keep them all in good condition.


6. He made weapons and shields in abundance. Know your victory in Jesus, and keep your weapons sharp : Scripture, prayer, praise and praise music, wise counsel, disciplines like fasting and memorization, etc.


7. He set captains over the people. Don’t drown, delegate. Seek assistance from trustworthy, teachable people who understand and support the calling and mantle God has given you.


8. He summoned and strengthened his people with Scripture. (See #1) Once strengthened, be strong for your peeps. Unify and encourage your team and followers with a great quote. Hezekiah chose Joshua’s powerful words, “Be strong and courageous; do not be dismayed...” then added his own commentary, “With him is an army of flesh; but with us is the Lord our God, to help us and to fight our battles.”

Sennacherib didn’t relent, however, and resorted to popular tactics of the day (and today). He tried to undermine Hezekiah’s authority and integrity, wrote nasty letters, harassed people verbally, then made the mistake of speaking against God Himself.


Another important spiritual battle strategy?


Humility. Not a lack of authority, but a dependent plea to the only true Authority.


9. Sennacherib revolted against that option, Hezekaiah and Isaiah embraced it and prayed, crying out to heaven. This time God cleaned house. He sent an angel to destroy the men in the Assyrian army who were in authority), and King Sennacherib returned shamefaced to his land and temple, only to be murdered by his own offspring.


“Thus the Lord saved Hezekiah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem from the hand of Sennacherib the king of Assyria, and from the hand of all others, and guided them on every side.” (v. 22)


Many people brought gifts to Hezekiah so that he was exalted in front of all the nations after that, and he let it bring pride into his life, which leads me to another helpful strategy for life and ministry:


10. Be careful to handle praise and success with a humble heart and wisdom. Fortunately, King Hezekiah knew how to fight that battle, too.


Add to your list as the Master Commander lead you, and stay under His authority, then give Him all the glory.


Taking His direction,

Selah Cohen, Founder and Director

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